Mon.2 13:45–15:00

H 0107 | APP Optimization in Healthcare (2/2)
Corinna Maier
Patrick-Marcel Lilienthal
Felix Jost
13:45 Corinna Maier

Reinforcement Learning for Individualized Dosing Policies in Oncology

14:10 Patrick-Marcel Lilienthal

Mathematical Modeling of Erythropoiesis and Treatment Optimization in the Context of Polycythemia Vera

14:35 Felix Jost

Optimal Treatment Schedules for Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients During Consolidation Therapy

H 0104 | BIG The Interface of Generalization and Optimization in Machine Learning (1/2)
Benjamin Recht
Suriya Gunasekar [cancelled]
Tengyuan Liang
13:45 Benjamin Recht

Training on the Test Set and Other Heresies

14:10 Suriya Gunasekar [cancelled]

Characterizing optimization bias in terms of optimization geometry

14:35 Tengyuan Liang

New Thoughts on Adaptivity, Generalization and Interpolation

H 3004 | BIG Optimization Methods for Machine Learning and Data Science
Yin Zhang
Shuzhong Zhang
Bo Jiang
13:45 Yin Zhang

Data clustering: a subspace-matching point of view and \ensuremath{K}-scalable algorithms

14:10 Shuzhong Zhang

Optimization Methods for Learning Models: Adaptation, Acceleration, and Subsampling

14:35 Bo Jiang

An Optimal High-Order Tensor Method for Convex Optimization

H 3002 | VIS Linear Complementarity Problem (2/2)
Zsolt Darvay
Janez Povh
13:45 Zsolt Darvay

Predictor-corrector interior-point algorithm for sufficient linear complementarity problems based on a new search direction

14:10 Janez Povh

Multi-type symmetric non-negative matrix factorization


H 3007 | VIS Nash Equilibrium Problems and Extensions (2/2)
Mathias Staudigl
Matt Barker
Anna Thünen
13:45 Mathias Staudigl

Stochastic Dual Averaging in Games and Variational Inequalities

14:10 Matt Barker

A Comparison of Stationary Solutions to Mean Field Games and the Best Reply Strategy

14:35 Anna Thünen

Multi-Level Mean Field Games

H 0111 | CON Conic Approaches to Infinite Dimensional Optimization (2/2)
Lea Kapelevich
Sascha Timme
Tillmann Weisser
13:45 Lea Kapelevich

Sum-of-Squares Programming with New Cones

14:10 Sascha Timme

Solving systems of polynomials by homotopy continuation

14:35 Tillmann Weisser

GMP.jl: Modeling Conic Relaxations for the Generalized Moment Problem

H 0112 | CON Recent Advances and Applications of Conic Optimization
Hamza Fawzi
Huikang Liu
Anthony Man-Cho So
13:45 Hamza Fawzi

On polyhedral approximations of the positive semidefinite cone

14:10 Huikang Liu

Fast First-Order Methods for Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Optimization Problems in Signal Processing

14:35 Anthony Man-Cho So

Mixed-Integer Conic Relaxation for TOA-Based Multiple Source Localizaton

H 1028 | CNV Convex-Composite Optimization (2/2)
Dmitry Kamzolov
Pedro Merino
13:45 Dmitry Kamzolov

Composite High-Order Method for Convex Optimization

14:10 Pedro Merino

A Second-order method with enriched hessian information for composite sparse optimization problems


H 1029 | CNV Recent Advances in First-Order Methods for Constrained Optimization and Related Problems (2/4)
Nam Ho-Nguyen
Guanghui Lan
Quoc Tran-Dinh
13:45 Nam Ho-Nguyen

A dynamic primal-dual first-order framework for convex optimization under uncertainty

14:10 Guanghui Lan

Proximal point methods for constrained nonconvex optimization

14:35 Quoc Tran-Dinh

Adaptive Primal-Dual Methods for Convex Optimization with Faster Rates

H 2038 | DER Challenging Applications in Derivative-Free Optimization (1/2)
Yves Lucet
Miguel Diago
Sébastien Le Digabel
13:45 Yves Lucet

Multi-fidelity derivative-free algorithms for road design

14:10 Miguel Diago

Net power maximization in a beam-down solar concentrator

14:35 Sébastien Le Digabel

HYPERNOMAD: Hyper-parameter optimization of deep neural networks using mesh adaptive direct search

H 3013 | MUL Applications of Multi-Objective Optimization (2/2)
Floriane Mefo Kue
Zahra Forouzandeh
Alberto De Marchi
13:45 Floriane Mefo Kue

Semismooth Newton methods in discrete TV and TGV regularization

14:10 Zahra Forouzandeh

Multi-objective optimal control problems: A new method based on the Pascoletti-Serafini scalarization method

14:35 Alberto De Marchi

Mixed-Integer Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control with Switching Costs

H 0105 | NON Nonlinear and Stochastic Optimization (2/4)
Alejandra Peña-Ordieres
Stefan Wild
Nikita Doikov
13:45 Alejandra Peña-Ordieres

A Nonlinear Programming Reformulation of Chance Constraints

14:10 Stefan Wild

Manifold Sampling for Robust Calibration

14:35 Nikita Doikov

Complexity of cubically regularized Newton method for minimizing uniformly convex functions

H 2032 | NON Smooth Optimization (2/2)
Dominique Orban
Marie-Ange Dahito
Douglas Gonçalves
13:45 Dominique Orban

Implementing a smooth exact penalty function for constrained nonlinear optimization

14:10 Marie-Ange Dahito

The Conjugate Residual Method in Linesearch and Trust-Region Methods

14:35 Douglas Gonçalves

Nonmonotone inexact restoration method for minimization with orthogonality constraints

H 2053 | NON Variational Inequalities, Minimax Problems and GANs (1/2)
Simon Lacoste-Julien
Dmitry Kovalev
Gauthier Gidel
13:45 Simon Lacoste-Julien

Negative Momentum for Improved Game Dynamics

14:10 Dmitry Kovalev

Revisiting Stochastic Extragradient Method.

14:35 Gauthier Gidel

New Optimization Perspectives on Generative Adversarial Networks

H 3006 | NON Mixed-Integer Optimal Control and PDE Constrained Optimization (2/3)
Sebastian Peitz
Mirko Hahn
Paul Manns
13:45 Sebastian Peitz

Feedback control of nonlinear PDEs using Koopman-Operator-based switched systems

14:10 Mirko Hahn

Set-based Approaches for Mixed-Integer PDE Constrained Optimization

14:35 Paul Manns

A continuous perspective on Mixed-Integer Optimal Control

H 3012 | PLA Optimization of Biological Systems (2/2)
Kenza Boumaza
Ilya Dikariev
13:45 Kenza Boumaza

About optimal crop irrigation planing under water scarcity

14:10 Ilya Dikariev

Optimal public and private investments in a model of sustainable development


H 0106 | PDE Bilevel Optimization in Image Processing (2/2)
Elisa Davoli
Gernot Holler
Jyrki Jauhiainen
13:45 Elisa Davoli

Adaptive image processing: first order PDE constraint regularizers and a bilevel training scheme

14:10 Gernot Holler

Learning regularization operators using bilevel optimization

14:35 Jyrki Jauhiainen

An inexact relaxed Gauss–Newton applied to electrical impedance tomography

H 2013 | PDE Infinite-Dimensional Optimization of Nonlinear Systems (2/3)
Antoine Laurain
De-Han Chen
Malte Winckler
13:45 Antoine Laurain

Nonsmooth shape optimization and application to inverse problems

14:10 De-Han Chen

Variational source condition for the reconstruction of distributed fluxes

14:35 Malte Winckler

Shape optimization subject to H(curl)-elliptic variational inequalities in superconductivity

H 2033 | PDE Optimal Control of Phase Field Models
Tobias Keil
Masoumeh Mohammadi
Henning Bonart
13:45 Tobias Keil

Optimal control of a coupled Cahn--Hilliard--Navier--Stokes system with variable fluid densities

14:10 Masoumeh Mohammadi

A priori error estimates for optimal control of a phase-field fracture model

14:35 Henning Bonart

Controlling Sliding Droplets with Optimal Contact Angle Distributions

H 1058 | ROB New Advances in Robust Optimization
Han Yu
Viet Anh Nguyen
Angelos Georghiou
13:45 Han Yu

Robust Optimization with Decision-Dependent Information Discovery

14:10 Viet Anh Nguyen

Distributionally Robust Inverse Covariance Estimation: The Wasserstein Shrinkage Estimator;

14:35 Angelos Georghiou

A Primal-Dual Lifting Scheme for Two-Stage Robust Optimization

H 3025 | ROB Advances in Robust Optimization (2/2)
Ahmadreza Marandi
Ernst Roos
Stefan ten Eikelder
13:45 Ahmadreza Marandi

Robust location-transportation problems for integer low-demand items

14:10 Ernst Roos

Uncertainty Quantification for Mean-MAD Ambiguity

14:35 Stefan ten Eikelder

Adjustable robust treatment-length optimization in radiation therapy

H 1012 | SPA Nonlinear Optimization Algorithms and Applications in Data Analysis (1/3)
Yaxiang Yuan
Liping Wang
Cong Sun
13:45 Yaxiang Yuan

Efficient Optimization Algorithms For Large-scale Data Analysis

14:10 Liping Wang

Robust ordinal regression induced by $l_p$-centroid

14:35 Cong Sun

New gradient method with adaptive stepsize update strategy

H 0110 | STO Stochastic Approximation and Reinforcement Learning (2/3)
Stephen Tu
Hoi-To Wai
13:45 Stephen Tu

The Gap Between Model-Based and Model-Free Methods on the Linear Quadratic Regulator: An Asymptotic Viewpoint

14:10 Hoi-To Wai

Non-asymptotic Rate for Biased Stochastic Approximation Scheme